All in the Name, My Healthey Pet
MyHealthyPet was established in BC, Canada. Just as the name suggests, we are devoted to protecting the health of our pets.
We have developed our pet food and supplements to meet their natural needs, so pet parents can enjoy every moment with their pets without worrying about their health.
Why it is beyond AAFCO’s standards?
AAFCO’s standards only guarantee the minimum standards required for pets to survive, and of course we want to do more than that. Compared with their more active ancestors, domestic pets get a much lower amount of daily exercise.We took this into consideration when designing our pet food diets which all have a low glycemic index to reduce the risk of obesity. Another consequence of pets being domesticated is that they did not evolve to have a strong gastroin-testinal digestion tolerance or anti-allergic capabilities.
In order to reduce their risk of gastrointestinal allergies and discomfort, we created diets with fewer starch sources. We also added high protein content to aid better digestion in general.
How do we keep pet food safe?
Reliable raw materials
Our kitchens around the world
What is a healthier formula?
Why do we only have wet cat food?