MyHealthyPet carefully selects human-grade raw materials to produce high standard products for our four-legged babies.With inclusion of premium protein, vegetables and fruits,our food will provide comprehensive nourishment for their happy life.
Dry food
Canada has the largest coastline in the world with rich fishery resources. We have partnered with the local fishing fleet in Canada, Newfoundland fishery, which is one of the world’s four larg-est fisheries. All of our Canadian fresh fish comes solely from this fishery.
Thanks to Canada's vast grasslands, it is rich in high-quality turkey and chicken. Our turkey meat comes from the Prairie provinces in central Canada, inspected by Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) and Turkey Farmers of Ontario in terms of supply management, and is delivered directly from the farm to our kitchen.
New Zealand green-lipped mussels
Rich in minerals and known locally for their nutrient density, green-lipped mussels can potentially bring a multitude of benefits to the joints and hearts of pets. The pure water quality of New Zealand’s surrounding seas create longer cultivation cycles, providing purer and higher quality green-lipped mussels for our pet food.
Canadian local fruits and vegetables
Canada’s summer and fall see abundant orchards of British Columbian blueberries and cranberries, Ontario apples, and pumpkins.These delicious and natural foods, together with the expertise and technology we draw on from other members of The Quebec Produce Growers Association (QPGA), become part of our healthy ingredients.
Wet Food